A 20-year-old woman, Zulac Kabiru, has confessed to killing her 8-month-old stepdaughter, Rukaiya, to teach her co-wife how to respect her superior by giving her local insecticide, known as ‘otapiapia’, to drink.

TheNation reports that Zulac, who was arrested by the police in Niger State, committed that act in Danauta village. She alleged that the second wife had the habit of insulting and assaulting her, so she decided to poison her daughter.

The suspect was said to have secretly given the baby the locally-made insecticide to drink, which resulted in her death. Facts gathered also revealed that the first wife resented the marriage to the second wife.

Speaking to newsmen when she was paraded, she said: “I warned my husband to desist from getting another wife in the family but he would not listen. .

The second wife was in the habit of insulting and assaulting me at all times and one day I decided to poison her eight-month-old daughter to death to increase her sorrow.”so that she will learn how to respect her superior in the family. .

Before my husband married her, we have been living in peace but when she came she divided the family. My husband gave her more attention than myself and since then our family had been in shambles.

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