Death Persist As Another Nigeria Man Killed By The South African Police

Another Nigerian Killed By The South African Police A 46-year-old Nigerian businessman, Pius Ezekwem, has been killed in South Africa’s eastern cape province, allegedly by a group of eight policemen who interrogated him at his home at the weekend. The deceased, who ran a chain of bed and breakfast guest houses, was picked up at a Nigerian eatery and was forcefully taken to his home for a search and interrogation. . .

An argument between Pius and the South African police officers degenerated so fast that a gun shot was fired, leading to Pius’ death. Pius was married to a South African who was present at the scene of the incident. . . He reportedly asked the policemen to kill him in his house as he would not follow them to where they wanted to take him to. Sadly, the policemen allegedly killed him in the presence of his family. . .

All phones were seized except that of Pius’ sister in-law who recorded his altercation with the police. . . Confirming the incident, the Nigerian Ambassador to South Africa, Godwin Adama, said a formal report has been launched to the South African police on the incident

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