Don’t let people treat you like cigarettes and when they Are done they will step on you , Be Drugs ,let them Die for you, Never let anyone stay longer in your life than they deserve, The will Disturb your inner peace , it will Affect your creativity and Mindset , learn to cut users off, some of them Are just two faced, Back stabbers, toxic Beings who will hang on to you just cause of what you Bring to the table , Their job is to just take and take and take ,While they have nothing to offer you in Return , They add no value to your life ,while you Add value to them, you Bend for them but they really dont care For you, Atimes we might meet people & think we know them, but they will play their game well and we might not Really know them for Real, But if you spend enough time with them Eventually their mask will fall off , Never Dive into anything in a hurry, Take your time and watch . . . .

Cut off Anyone who Be littles your Hardwork or your Efforts, A simple thank you or Appreciation goes A long way , Atimes people hurt you not knowing they are unleashing your true powers and potentials , Divert your pain into Your creativity, The Efforts you Are wasting on pleasing people , put it on yourself and see how your life will turn around , Atimes you never know what you Are Really capable of until they throw their first Blow, stay strong There’s no war you cant Conquer, cause Everything that Goes up must come down . Atimes A sleeping lion is Not Always fully Asleep ,let them underestimate your Power

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