Very calm God fearing

Mr Emmanuel sat down comfortably in the Bus that was going from Berger To Tbs,suddenly an old man entered.

He was looking round for an available charging port that is still working cause have spoilt as a results of mishandling by Passengers.

After the Old man has checked like six different places he found out that they are all spoilt .He later spotted one beside Mr Emmanuel who was on his sit gently ‘The Man Plugged His Phone the next thing he turned to Mr Emmanuel, He I just wan plugged my phone that the AC there is not working properly “No dey Cold well well”

Mr Emmanuel looked at him and tell him that his phone is at owner Risk ,has the man heard that he puffup starting shouting that if we find it to the root his Mr Emmanuel that spoil all the other once that is not working . Mr Emmanuel didn’t say a word ,the old continued saying “Na people like you spoil Government properties”

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