Residents offer dirty water to politicians who failed to provide portable water

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, residents of Marsabit, Kenya, shocked the world by giving politicians a taste of their own medicine.

The enraged local who attended a scheduled meeting with their leaders, served muddy drinking water as refreshment.

The dignitaries who were comfortably seated on plastic chairs, had their bottled muddy water carefully placed on the ground.

The residents were angered that their leaders had failed to come up with a solution to their perennial water problem.

The move was made to protest a decision by county officials to prioritize formation of a municipality board instead of giving them access to clean water.

Senator Godana Hargura, Speaker Matthew Loltome, Karare South MCA Asunta Galgotelli among officials from the executive had gone to Karare Ward to listen to views on the formation of a municipal board. .

But a section of the women took their local leaders aback when they blasted their way to the high table with bottles full of muddied water and served them.

They then demanded that the county stop discussion on municipal boards and instead give them water.

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