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Speed Darlington Narrates His Ordeal After Getting into Fight With An Okada Man

Speed Darlington narrates his ordeal after getting into a fight with an Okada man. . . Internet sensation, Speed Darlington went online to narrate his ordeal after he got into a public fight with an Okada rider. . .

The internet sensation said that after the fight, he put a bandage on his hand then made his way to Computer Village in Ikeja to repair his mobile device. . .

However, on the way, police officers saw him and searched his bag where they found Indian hemp, to Speed Darlington’s shock. . . The singer believes the substance was planted in his bag. . .

He said the police asked for 500,000 Naira in order to free him. He negotiated and they agreed on 200,000. . .

Speed Darlington said he was upset by the bad day he had and the unnecessary expenses he was forced to make as a result. He said he’s fed up with this country and can’t wait to leave Nigeria.



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