What is all this NONSENSE now? How can a full grown MAN with various independent BUSHY hair under his armpit Photoshop the BREAST of his/her ANCESTOR into his photos to deceive our teenage boys?

bobriskyWhat did our teenagers ever do to deserve this TRAUMA in Nigeria? Omg,

I just overheard a market woman complaining bitterly on how she caught her 17 year old secondary school SON mastubating VIOLENTLY while looking passionately at the pics of bobrisky photoshop BREAST on his PHONE, thinking he is a LADY,

although, I couldn’t see her face very well because I was in a hurry, but dear parent, do you know what your kids are doing in the SECRET with the pictures of bobrisky especially with his/her NEW Photoshop Ancestor breast?

Is it when all our MALE children become overnight “mastubating machine” before we report bobrisky to the appropriate LAW enforcement bodies? Is there no LAW against this type of thing in Naija?

If a MAN is wearing, BRA, and female “PANT”, with a Photoshop ancestral BREAST,

who do you think HE is enticing and looking out for to have FUN with?BOYS, men or girls?

Bobrisky show off her boobs -Fans React

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