tontolet Keep quiet, which your “man” is 2baba & the rest ever going to BEG money from? Is it the one you’ll come back and say you FEED?

Omg, so there is no more RESPECT in this industry? Just got off the PHONE with my big brother now,tontolet is official2baba your age mate? When he started MUSIC, who know you for Naija?

Omg, there is nothing COSMETIC surgery no go cause for Nigeria,tontolet I heard you allegedly called out names of some LEGENDS in Naija, but the one that caught my attention is when you allegedly mention 2baba Madam, even if annie idibia1 and the rest won’t stoop low as to replying you.

I the biggest ACTOR will, 2baba and his BEAUTIFUL wife are not responsible for your broken MARRIAGE.

tontolet Your mate like mercy johnson okojie are celebrating their marriage anniversary, you’re busy BOASTING about a “new man”, that you don’t even know if he would ever propose dinner date, not to talk of marriage, you’re allegedly saying a great LEGEND like 2baba shouldn’t beg him for Money abeg, keep quiet in the radical for Jesus way.

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