Once upon a time, 9years ago i received the best gift of my life 4 days before my birthday, the gift that gave my life a meaning. The sweetest little boy in the whole world, my First born, Joey Tambari Yobo.

He was our only child for a whole 5years & he taught me my first lesson on what life is all about.

Dear Lord, im Thankful for this gift, i’m Thankful for what you have done & what you’re still about to do in his life, I thank you for wisdom & the gift of boldness you’ve given him, I thank you for preserving, protecting & sustaining him.

I ask today Lord, that you continue to guide him with your light to fulfill your purpose for his life. You’ll always be my baby Joey. Happy 9th Birthday Son

Help me wish my first baby a big Happy birthday before his birthday ends.

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