Can I Get PR While Studying In Canada?

There are questions that have been raised over time that look like this; can I get PR while I study in Canada? How do I apply to become a permanent citizen of Canada as a foreign student? Requirements and pathways for foreign students to obtain a Canadian Permit Residency are included in this article.

Many foreign students who are now studying in Canada want to become citizens because Canada is a great place to live, learn and work continuously. This is because of its very extensive infrastructure services, a very luxurious lifestyle, endless work possibilities, cultural diversity and a high quality of living, to name a few.

However, regardless of the different ways by which you can qualify for a Canadian Permanent Residency, you cannot apply for your PR as a doctor. You will also apply for a work permit under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program after completing your degree (PGWPP). But first, you need to get a work visa to remain in Canada.

Graduates from Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions shall obtain realistic Canadian Work Experience through the PGWPP scheme. Once you have acquired a significant amount of Canadian professional work experience through the PGWPP scheme, your PR conditions in Canada will be fulfilled with the aid of the Canadian Experience Class Visa group.

Also put into consideration that:

  1. The PGWPP program work permit covers only a maximum of (3) years of study.
  2. You need to meet the desired criteria asides the put post-graduate work allows (visit the CIC website for detailed information).
  3. A work permit through PGWPP can’t be possible for greater than the applicant’s program, and this system needs to be as a minimum of eight months of period.

Let us talk a Little about Canadian Experience Class Category for PR in Canada

At the moment, a foreign graduate of the Canadian Institution has more opportunities than a temporary student to have the requisite attributes of permanent residence in Canada. This is because the amount of years that the student would have spent in Canada should be enough for the student to become more used to the way of life, culture, and to make a meaningful contribution to the Canadian economy. In addition, he or she must be fluent in English or French and have reasonably competent job experience.

Basic Eligible Criteria for Canadian Experience Class

To be eligible for the Canadian Experience Class, the following are needed:

  1. Getting experience in Canada with the right authorization.
  2. Stay outside the Quebec province.
  3. Being able to meet the required proficiency language level for every language on your job profile. This also includes reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
  4. At least one-year of working experience in Canada, whether part-time or full-time, within the 3 years before the start of your application.

Acquiring Detailed Information Regarding Study Permit PR for Canada

Before applying for a visa in the type of your choosing, there are various areas and internal things that need to be understood, aside from the basic rules and guidance already set out above.

The Visa Consultancy Service or agent has also been made available for swift follow-up of difficult procedures and categories of visas in the event of any situation of lost or insufficient application document which may lead to the refusal of such application.

I’m sure you’ve got the answers to your questions right? May I get PR when I’m studying in Canada? Ok, it depends on that. If you have any more concerns, please give us an email using the contact form.

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